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Trailer isolators easily and properly connect your trailers lighting while removing the electrical load from the motorcycles factory wiring, fuses, relays, computers and electronics.  We created the modular design of separate Isolators, Sub-Harnesses and Converters.  The advantage is that you can accommodate a 5 wire or a 4 wire trailer and exchange the sub-harness for another model of motorcycle should you trade the old bike in.  All of our electronics are made in the USA.

If you would like to compare our product against the others on the market, please >click here.

The isolator is the main component.  And ours is made in the USA.  Tennessee to be exact.
Ours are epoxy potted for weather resistance using Omron components.
Omron is an OEM supplier to most all the major automotive and motorcycle manufacturers. 
We use the best component available for the job; in fact, Toyota uses the same component for power window switching.

The sub-harness connects to your bike on one end and the Isolator on the other.
This makes the connection "Plug & Play" so you don't have to splice.
In order to make a complete kit, you must order the 07660 Isolator and one sub-harness listed below;

BIKE                         PART NUMBER         NOTES
GL1500                     p/n 07661
GL1800                     p/n 07662                   2001-2011
GL1800                     p/n 07672                   2012+
Harley "AAMP"          p/n 07667                   most 97 & up - alarm safe
Harley 6 pin Molex     p/n 07674
Harley 8 pin Molex     p/n 07673
Yamaha Venture        p/n 07668                   "Royal Star Venture" only
Universal                   p/n 07663                   choose this is your bike is not listed above

Trailer Light Converter (5 to 4 module) 
If your trailer is a 4 wire setup (has combined brake and turn signals), you also need our made in the USA converter.
How do you tell if you need it?  Look at the wiring plug on your trailer - does it only have 4 wires?  If yes, then you will need it.
Installation simply requires you to plug it in-between the Sub-Harness and the Isolator and then connect one wire to ground. 
Going to a 4 wire setup is completely reversible by simply unplugging the module to revert to a 5 wire system.
Adding the converter only utilizes 3 of the 4 circuits in the isolator - the design allows the 4th circuit to power an accessory.   
Our converter will work with LED lights since it is active electronics. 

Product Support:  Installation Instructions >07660 (pdf)  >07664 (pdf)

To make a complete package, you must select the Isolator and one Sub-Harness
The Converter is optional based on your trailer. 
Please check all the boxes of the parts you require and then click  "add to cart".

Isolator - $69.95

5 to 4 Converter - $29.95

Universal Sub-Harness - $9.95
Honda GL1500 Sub-Harness - $9.95
Honda GL1800 (2001-2011) Sub-Harness - $9.95
Honda GL1800 (2012+) Sub-Harness - $19.95
Yamaha Venture (Royal Star) Sub-Harness - $14.95
Harley AAMP Style Sub-Harness - $14.95
Harley 8 Pin Molex Style Sub-Harness - $19.95
Harley 6 Pin Molex Style Sub-Harness - $19.95

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07660 isolator

07664 converter

07661 gl1500 sub-harness

07662 gl1800 (2001-2011) sub-harness

07672 gl1800 (2012+) sub-harness

07667 Harley "AAMP"sub-harness

universal sub-harness