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GL1800 High Output LED Cowl Light Kit

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light shown installed

mount detail



Note - these pics have not been altered in any way.
We are only showing one light in these pics.
Your light will be double.

Show Chrome

Fitment: GL1800 2001-10

Support: >cowl knockout removal instructions

It's not often that you get more for less.  But compare our LED cowl lights with the HondalineŽ or Show ChromeŽ.  In fact, let us do it for you.  Click on the pics to your lower left.

All our kits include the following features:

  • Housings
    - machined billet aluminum
    - 10 watt CREE LED array
    - the deepest reaching beam you can achieve for LED cowl mounted lights

  • Mounts
    - lights mount to the cowl using a spring array design
    - 2b finish, laser cut stainless steel
    - lights automatically align with the holes in the cowl perfectly!

  • Electrical
    - choice of Airbag or Non-Airbag OEM switch.
    - easily configure for low beam, high beam or independent operation (check local laws)
    - lights plug into HondaŽ wiring harness

  • Other
    - individual replacement parts available instead of buying a complete new kit
    - everything you need for installation is in the box!

Note: in a small number of installations (less than 1%) we have encountered radio noise.
We have been unable to get a bike with the lights installed and the noise in the shop for investigation or duplicate in testing to determine a cause.

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